Do you have a particular interest, something you are passionate about, relating to the claims industry, that you would love to share with others?  PLRB has a platform for you to share those ideas with your industry.  The second annual PLRB Presents! Industry Insights will be held at the 2017 Claims Conference in Boston, and will offer select individuals a setting to promote and record their presentations and share them with a wider industry audience.  Here’s your opportunity to offer a high-energy, technical, and insightful presentation about some aspect of the P&C insurance industry or your job. 

We invite you to talk about what is going well, or what needs improvements in the way claims are handled and resolved.  Share your experience, your insights, possible solutions, etc. with our industry.  Tell us about what is happening now and what you project will/should happen in the future.  Industry Insights are high-impact, bite-sized presentations with lots of energy and gusto, similar to “TED-Talks.” Presentations are limited to 16-18 minutes, and props are encouraged.  They will be delivered live in front of a small studio audience in Boston, and will be videotaped for future dissemination through the PLRB website following the event.  Topics should be educational in nature (please avoid infomercials). 

Presenters should deliver these short talks in an enthusiastic, insightful, and clear manner.  These discourses will grab the attention of the audience, convey key information, and leave audiences wanting more.  Presentations should address today’s challenges, describe current obstacles, and offer solutions for industry leaders.

Interested parties should submit a topic title, a one paragraph description, a brief outline, and proposed prop(s).  Props can include things like a book, a machine or devise, an adjusters’ tool kit, a picture of a loss or accident site, a chart to illustrate important concepts, etc. As an option, please consider including a 1-3 minute video of you presenting a short excerpt of your topic with your proposal. Quality of video will not be considered; instead, we want to see you and your enthusiasm for your topic. You can send us a YouTube link or video file.  PowerPoint slides are unnecessary, as they cannot be displayed during the presentation.   

Conference attendees in Boston will be invited to attend your presentation, and the edited recording may be posted on the PLRB website after the Conference.  PLRB members and affiliate members are encouraged to view a sampling of the 2016 recordings available on the PLRB website.


Proposals are due January 31, 2017 and will be reviewed by PLRB staff.  Confirmations will be sent out in late January/early February.  Presenters are responsible for register for the Claims Conference.  Staff of insurance company members receive complimentary registration. 


Presentations will be scheduled every 45 minutes to allow for set-up and take-down.  

The room will be set with a stage, podium, and “casual” seating for attendees (a few comfy sofas and some tall tables if attendees wish to stand).  The production crew will provide a wireless lavaliere microphone for your presentation.  There will likely be only a small group of attendees.

A List of Potential Topics (Just to get you thinking….)

  1. How should we be training and developing our new or experienced adjusters?
  2. What’s happened with fire investigation practices in the past decade?
  3. What are the best qualities to look for in a new Claim Supervisor?
  4. Claim Audits – what works, what doesn’t?
  5. Cool apps for adjusters
  6. Working with Independent Adjusters (or Panel Counsel) – what to look for
  7. Claims processing vs. claims adjusting - what’s the difference?
  8. Work-Life Balance
  9. Excessive medical treatment in the claims world – how to fix it
  10. Negotiation tips – what works in the real world?
  11. Condominium claims – why they give me (and everyone else) a fit, and possible solutions

Please submit your proposal and video/link sample to at PLRB by Friday, January 31, 2017.

PLRB Presents! 2016 Highlights Video

We look forward to hearing from you.

PLRB Education Department