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Bottomline Technologies

Bottomline Technologies

Bottomline is the proven leader in delivering Legal Spend Management solutions to the P&C claims market. We provide technology and expert services to more than 400 Claims organizations including P&C Insurance Carriers, Self-Insured Corporations and Third Party Administrators. Our Legal-X solution is designed specifically to help Claims organizations better manage outside legal and other claims vendor spend while gaining critical decision-making insights through our robust Business Intelligence. The Legal-X solution empowers customers to take advantage of digital workflows and an Ai-augmented technology platform that is complemented by our experts and award-winning service bureau, processing billions of dollars annually in legal invoices saving our clients hundreds of millions of dollars and delivering significant, measurable ROI.

Contact Information

Julia Saccone
325 Corporate Drive
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Phone: 860-271-5498  

Areas of Service

Billing Solutions
Legal Billing Review

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