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SWA Claims Management Services, LLC

SWA Claims Management Services, LLC

SWA Claims Management Services, LLC is a Leader in the industry, with over 80 years combined experience in providing claim solutions to the Insurance Industry. Expert resolutions for Residential/Commercial claims in CAT, Daily, Flood, Desk Adjusting, QA & TPA. Training tomorrows claim professionals, with emphasis on serving our Veterans.

Contact Information

Arnold Schafer
14200 N. State Highway 289
Pottsboro, TX 75076
Phone: 903-337-0112  
Fax 844-317-2341

Areas of Service

Adjuster Licensing Compliance
Adjusting Firm
Commercial and Residential Field Adjusting
Commercial Property Adjusting
Daily Claims
Field Claims
Independent Adjuster
In-Office Claims
Large Loss/Catastrophe Services
Licensing Services
Property Adjusting
Quality Assurance
Residential Adjusting
Staffing Services
Third-Party Administration

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