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Jessica Hamilton

Building Inclusive, Diverse, and Equitable Leadership Roles

Tuesday 3:30 - 4:30

Trisha Barhorst, VP, PL Claims Property, Nationwide Group
Jessica Hamilton, SVP Sales & Business Dev., Eberl Claims Service
Michelle Licht, VP Sales, ALE Solutions
Baer Philipbar, CPCU, AVP Property Claims Manager, W. R. Berkley Group
Gina Reyes, VP of Claims, Openly Insurance Company

  • This panel discussion delves into the vital aspects of recognizing women's experience, talent, and acumen as fundamental attributes for leadership roles. Participants will explore strategies for garnering support from board leaders, securing sponsors and advocates, and promoting diversity by including the best diverse women in leadership positions. This discussion also emphasizes the celebration of male allies who contribute to building pipelines for women leaders and highlights the significance of celebrating successful women as role models and advocates. Participants will also examine the importance of equal compensation and learn about opportunities to join women's organizations dedicated to advancing positions, pay, and equal power for all women.
  • Michael Hamm-Barnett

    Catastrophe Response: Automation & Process Innovation

    State Approved CE Credits:FL NC

    Monday 3:30 - 5:00
    Wednesday 10:30 - 12:00

    Brandon Donatelli, Chief Revenue Officer, HOMEE, Inc.
    Michael Hamm-Barnett, Catastrophe Operations Manager, Citizens Property Insurance
    Dr. Theresa Young, MBA, CPCU, ArE, ARM, Sr. Operations Process Manager, CSAA Insurance Group

  • Address innovation in CAT flow work flows and challenging the alleged ROI on current industry practice
  • Learn about emerging tools (not products), that can supplement, support, and automate some of the CAT responses
  • Review case studies that increased NPS over 30 points, decreased costs by over $20M, and requires less staffing
  • Apply new tools, processes, and innovations to their organizations
  • Richard Hammond-Moore

    Adjuster Safety: Disaster Site Safety

    State Approved CE Credits:FL NC OK TX

    Tuesday 10:30 - 12:00
    Wednesday 3:30 - 5:00

    Theresa Chimento, MPH, Project Director, J.S. Held LLC
    Marc Gaffrey, JD, Partner, Hoagland Longo Moran et al
    Richard Hammond-Moore, General Adjuster, Church Mutual Insurance Group

  • Develop skills to identify hazardous materials
  • Recognize who should do the testing and write the protocols
  • Learn what PPE to wear to stay safer on claims with hazardous materials
  • Understand the legal issues with hazardous materials on claims
  • John Hanlon

    Contractual Indemnity & Additional Insureds Liability

    State Approved CE Credits:DE FL NH NC TX

    Tuesday 10:30 - 12:00
    Wednesday 8:30 - 10:00

    John Hanlon, Director of Complex Claims, Kemper Corporation
    Dan Kohane, JD, Senior Partner, Hurwitz Fine P.C.

  • Distinguish between an insurer's obligations to those who qualify as additional insureds and those who benefit from contractual indemnity obligations
  • Evaluate how tenders of defense and indemnity should be made under both policy and trade agreement
  • Describe the protocols to consider when tenders are received under both insurance policy and contracts
  • Identify the relevant factors when sending or receiving tenders
  • Rob Hanson

    Unifying Stakeholders in the Claims Value Chain

    State Approved CE Credits:FL NC TX

    Tuesday 3:30 - 4:30
    Wednesday 1:30 - 2:30

    Rob Hanson, CCO, Accuserve Solutions
    Hunter Powell, CEO, Accuserve Solutions
    Erica Reed, VP Construction Operations, Elite Claim Solutions

  • Explore the existing pain points and challenges faced by Insurance Carriers, Policyholders, and Contractors in the property claims process
  • Showcase the tangible benefits that arise from unifying stakeholders in the property claims value chain
  • Demonstrate how Accuserve has effectively brought together Insurance Carriers, Policyholders, and Contractors to deliver trusted, timely, and expert-quality solutions
  • Richard Harer

    High Exposure Commercial Liability Claims Handling

    State Approved CE Credits:FL NC

    Monday 3:30 - 5:00
    Tuesday 3:30 - 5:00

    Christopher P. Flanagan, JD, Partner, Wilson Elser
    Richard Harer, CFE, CFS, CPI, WCCA, Executive Vice President, Command Investigations, LLC
    Peter Schifrin, President, Schifrin, Gagnon & Dickey

  • Analyze aggressive strategies for mitigating a questionable liability large loss claim
  • Learn about the identification, investigation, and containment of inflated medical treatment/costs and questionable medical providers
  • Learn how and why time limit demands are utilized by claimant attorneys and strategies on how to address and counteract them
  • Recognize the impact litigation financing has and how to mitigate or minimize their “return on investment”
  • Develop and implement an aggressive claims handling and/or litigation strategy rather than a defensive position
  • Robert Harrell

    Commercial Roofing: Damages & Investigations

    State Approved CE Credits:DE FL NC OK TX

    Wednesday 1:30 - 3:00
    Tuesday 1:30 - 3:00

    Robert Harrell, XCT, Sr. Product Mgr., Ins. Prod., Verisk
    Shannon Pierce, PE, National Practice Leader, Lerch Bates, Inc.

  • Identify common types of commercial roofing systems found in the United States and applicable performance considerations
  • Outline claim investigation procedures and complexities regarding damages to these roofing systems
  • Describe methods for working with contractors and managing varying levels of roof repairs and replacement strategies
  • Explain building code considerations when faced with repairs and replacements
  • Tim Havlir

    PLRB Presents! Tech Challenges & Opportunities

    Tuesday 8:00 - 9:30

    Mike Brode, VP Meetings & Education, PLRB
    Lars Daniel, EnCE, CCO, CCPA, Practice Leader-Digital For., Envista Forensics/AREPA
    Tim Havlir, JD, Counsel, PLRB
    Neel Sus, CEO, Susco Solutions
    Alissha Watley, Sr. Meetings Manager, PLRB

  • Fitness Wearables and Trucking: Transforming More Than Waistlines
    Presented By: Lars Daniel EnCE, CCO, CCPA, CTNS, CTA, CIPTS, CWA, Practice Leader - Digital Forensics, Envista Forensics
    The escalating popularity and sophistication of fitness and wearable devices increase their value as a source of digital evidence, as these devices can provide forensic artifacts about when and where something happened, such as a medical event while driving, or to determine the historic sleep quality and duration of a driver as part of a lifestyle analysis.
  • How Personal Transformation Drives Digital Transformation
    Presented By: Neel Sus, CEO & CPO, Susco
    This talk will explore how leveraging paradigms in digital transformation can yield massive breakthroughs in personal transformation and vice versa. Topics will include “The Power of Why,” common pitfalls in allocating enough time & money, and defining stakeholder engagement.
  • What’s the Scenario? with PLRB: Help! They Stole My Facebook Followers!
    Presented By:
    Tim Havlir, Coverage Counsel, PLRB
    Mike Brode, VP Educational and Technical Services, PLRB
    Alissha Watley, Sr. Meetings Manager, PLRB
    In each episode of PLRB’s new podcast “What’s the Scenario? with PLRB”, the PLRB team addresses a claims or coverage scenario and answers interesting insurance questions. In this live taping, they’ll tackle this scenario: The two head pastors of a megachurch had a falling out. One pastor left to start his own ministry, but just before he did, he changed the megachurch's Facebook password. He now has exclusive control of the account and sole access to the 100k+ followers, so the church filed a theft claim with its first-party insurer. Is this a direct physical loss to the church's property? Are Facebook followers even "property" with any means of valuation? Subscribe anywhere podcasts can be found, or check us out on YouTube.
  • David Heemann

    Alternate Dispute Resolution: Effective Use of Experts

    State Approved CE Credits:FL NC

    Monday 1:30 - 3:00
    Tuesday 3:30 - 5:00

    Pete Fowler, Chief Quality Officer, Pete Fowler Construction
    David Heemann, JD, Claims Coverage Counsel, Enumclaw Insurance Group
    Jennifer Kalvestran, JD, Partner, Anderson, McPharlin & Conners

  • Understand the types of ADR and when to use them in resolving insurance claims.
  • Recognize the roles of the ADR participants
  • Learn how to effectively use Consultants and Experts in ADR.
  • Review ADR case studies where Consultants and Experts changed the outcome.
  • Ashleigh Hochstettler

    Complex Contents Adjusting

    State Approved CE Credits:FL NH NC OK TX

    Tuesday 3:30 - 5:00
    Wednesday 8:30 - 10:00

    Kelly Bridgewater, Adjuster Team Lead, Sedgwick
    Ashleigh Hochstettler, AIC, AIM, AINS, Manager - Large Loss Claims, Auto-Owners Insurance Group
    Charles McMartin, Director-Contents Solutions, Sedgwick

  • Understand of the valuation process including the calculation of co-insurance and underlying coverages
  • Address complexity stems from perceived values, unique purchasing habits and hands off nature of the insured
  • Identify “cons” of content claims and how misrepresentation occurs and is overlooked
  • William Hoover

    Permissive Use in Auto Liability Claims

    State Approved CE Credits:FL NC

    Tuesday 8:00 - 9:30
    Wednesday 8:30 - 10:00

    William Hoover, Esq., SCLA, Vice President Property Claims, Skyward Specialty Insurance
    Anthony Kassube, SCLA, Casualty Claims Rep., Farm Bureau P&C Group
    Jonathan Schwartz, JD, Partner, Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP

  • Assess the availability of liability coverage when the driver is unlicensed or the driver's license is suspended or revoked
  • Identify and resolve coverage issues that arise when the permissive user is an employee and claims to be driving in the course and scope of employment, especially in accidents involving employees driving their personal vehicles
  • Describe different tests applied by courts for addressing situations in which the use of the vehicle deviated from the initial scope of permission given
  • Evaluate liability coverage where a third person uses a car via another person who did have permission to use the car
  • Charleen Hoskins

    Reservation of Rights & Declination Letters

    State Approved CE Credits:DE FL NH NC OK TX

    Tuesday 8:00 - 9:30
    Wednesday 1:30 - 3:00

    Charleen Hoskins, Founder, President & CEO, TPAS, LLC
    David Jarrett, JD, AVP-Legal Counsel, Western Reserve Group

  • Recognize when a reservation of rights letter is needed
  • Identify the components and content of a reservation of rights letter
  • Describe how to deal with the insured’s response to a reservation of rights letter
  • Analyze the differences and consequences of reservation of rights versus declination letters
  • E. Holland Howanitz

    Soft Skills for Hard Claims Situations

    Wednesday 10:30 - 12:00
    Tuesday 3:30 - 5:00

    Gregg Golson, CPCU, ACS, AIC, AIM, VP-Program Director, J.S. Held LLC
    E. Holland Howanitz, JD, Partner, Tyson & Mendes

  • Learn how to resolve claims conflicts better
  • Adapt to our industry’s technology and culture changes and stay viable
  • Use empathy to apply good-faith claims handling skills
  • Apply the new skills immediately via posed dilemmas
  • Kevin Huelsman

    Residential Kitchen Fires: Decoding Complex Investigations

    State Approved CE Credits:DE FL NH NC OK TX

    Tuesday 10:30 - 12:00
    Wednesday 1:30 - 3:00

    Grant Allen, Claim Technical Specialist, American Family Insurance
    Kevin Huelsman, Technical Education Trainer, Alpine Intel
    James Mahaney, NE Regional Fire Manager, DONAN
    Megan McCarthy, Large Loss Property Manager, American Family Insurance
    Christopher Sanders, CPCU, MSIM, AIC, Claim Technical Specialist, American Family Insurance

  • Review the Origin and Cause (O&C) Investigation Approach
  • Learn about additional Resources to Assist in Determination of Component Failure
  • Determine observations and identifying indicators during the study (NFPA 921 reference to appliance investigations)
  • Learn to investigating the Range Controls
  • Andy Hutchinson

    The Future of Insurance

    Tuesday 10:30 - 12:00

    Dan Donovan, Head of Customer Success, Shift Technology
    Bryan Falchuk, President & CEO, PLRB
    Andy Hutchinson, CRO, Digital Solutions, Crawford & Company
    Jeremiah Kiefer, Founder | CEO, Deft Group

  • Changing Risks Means New Opportunities for Adjusters Jeremiah Kiefer, The Deft Group The nature and complexities of the exposures we face is changing. That means the nature of claims is changing, but also means the opportunities for claims experts are growing. Jeremiah Kiefer of The Deft Group shares his view of how these changing dynamics mean today’s adjusters can become risk and underwriting experts to help ensure the sustainability of our industry.
  • What Does Good Look Like When It Comes to Fraud? Dan Donovan, Shift Technologies Fraud is an ever-moving target as those perpetrating it evolve their methods and sophistication. What do the patterns emerging in how fraud plays out and what does that mean for what Good looks like in how we respond to or get ahead of it? Dan Donovan of Shift Technologies shares the insights they see from across the industry and how insurers and claims professionals should think going forward to stay ahead of the problem.
  • Navigating Increasing Claim Complexity to Make Better Decisions Andy Hutchinson, Crawford & Company Getting the claim to the right person as quickly as possible can be the difference between a typical claim and a high severity situation. As claims get more complex, and the pathways each claim can take spiderweb, can new solutions like AI and Machine Learning change the game by empowering claims professionals to make better decisions, faster? Learn what we can already do now, and where technology will take us going forward.

    Please join us in Boston for 3 days of sharing how you serve and adapt as an insurance professional in today’s rapidly evolving world:

    • Engage in over 100 innovative educational course selections across 14 learning tracks led by industry professionals serving your quest for know-how in the ever-evolving insurance landscape
    • Forge connections through one of the industry’s largest gatherings of diverse insurance professionals serving as a conduit for networking opportunities
    • Immerse yourself in the Insurance Services Expo interacting with hundreds of leading edge service providers showcasing products and tools to revolutionize service in the insurance industry

    It was my first time, so it was a great time hearing from a lot of different people and experiencing something new.

    I like there are educated speakers who show genuine appreciation and passion for their topics.

    I enjoyed the variety of sessions and the networking promoted within the session. I alsoappreciated the collection of exhibitors that had various ways of engagement.

    The Networking was amazing, but just being able to be together with peers and new friendsagain was so needed!

    I enjoyed meeting other professionals in the business. I also loved the various topics andhearing how other insurance carriers were addressing some of the same issues we encounter.

    The informational sessions were very useful and gave me a lot of great things to bring backwith me.

    The variety of content and the sessions that were interactive. So valuable to learn from otherattendees and how they tackle challenges and issues at their organizations.

    Opportunity to connect with other claim professionals and vendors. Informative & interestingpresentations. Appreciated that a lot of the presentations qualified for CE credit.

    PLRB greatly appreciates the following claims service providers for their outstanding support for the 2024 Claims Conference.


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